Immersive Creative That Makes a Bigger Splash!

Emodo brings bigger experiences to the small screen.

Immersive Creative That Makes a Bigger Splash!

Emodo brings big experiences to the small screen.

Uniquely Engaging Ad Experiences.

Only Emodo brings Creative to life like this!

Emodo brings truly immersive, memorable experiences to advertising. We make it easy to target and deliver creative that truly pops, including ultra-immersive AR experiences that deliver up to 4x the average engagement.

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Break-Through Creative That Truly Excites Customers!

“5G is going to unleash the power of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality… I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

–Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble

In the industry’s first in-depth study of 5G users and augmented reality ads,* consumers agree in large numbers:


“I’d like to see more Augmented Reality ads in the future”


“Advertising experiences like these would reflect positively on the brand in the ad”


“These ads would be more likely to capture my interest or attention than normal ads”

It’s the future of advertising, available today. Powered by Emodo. Available through Mobsta – the UK’s foremost experts in leveraging location data to engage audiences.

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*Ericsson Emodo 5G and Augmented Reality Consumer Study, April 2021

Dynamic Formats That Invite Interaction

Time and again, the numbers show that consumers are more responsive to ad creative that’s functional, contextual and interactive. Our dynamic formats include a variety of features like location, carousels, weather, calendar, games, deals, nearest store and more.

Much more than a carousel, this Playable format enables users to play hours of audio book samples and purchase directly from the ad.

The “Tap to Map” feature uses the device’s location to direct the user to the nearest stores.

The product enables environmental control. The ad simulates the product, environment and experience.

Even Better When Optimized Together

The right message, audience, context and… the right experience. When advertisers look to Emodo partners, like Mobsta, for campaign creative, behind the scenes Emodo provides solutions that help them optimize the whole shebang – audience, media and creative together. It’s a holistic approach to service that drives better results and makes everything a little easier.