Ad Inventory With a Distinct Advantage

Emodo Supply is different than any other inventory source, because it’s powered by Operator Intelligence. That’s kind of a big deal for marketers who are serious about accuracy, performance and waste reduction.

Better Media Model. Better Media Performance.

Emodo Supply is meticulously verified against the most accurate dataset available – mobile operator data. Operator data is 10x more persistent than SDK/GPS data, so it serves as the best possible truth set for verifying the veracity of programmatic inventory. We’ve basically inserted a quality-assurance checkpoint, pre-bid, so marketers don’t end up buying black-box junk.

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The Remedy for Data Fraud, IVT and More.

Did you know, poor data quality costs marketers 21% of every media dollar spent?* Or, that inaccurate bid stream data causes more waste than invalid traffic and viewability issues combined?

Emodo Supply addresses all three.

*Forrester Research

Every Mobile Channel… and Then Some.

Mix, match and sequence multiple media and formats for maximum impact. Whether marketers are looking to engage audiences via mobile display, video, audio or CTV, Emodo Supply is the reliable, go-to inventory source.

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Direct From our Publisher Partners

By working directly with publishers and aligning packages with buyer needs, we’re able to bring more effective, more innovative opportunities to our advertisers.

Something to Dwell on

Emodo performance algorithms deliver up to 4x more exposures in-view for >15 seconds and up to 3x the in-view dwell time.

Get Even More From Mobile Campaigns.

Now, Consider Emodo Audiences

While other inventory providers duke it out for sameness, Emodo delivers inventory and audience solutions that simply aren’t available from any other company. Want to know more about Emodo’s signature audiences?

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Get Going With Emodo

Access Emodo inventory however you buy – through leading DSPs or as a Managed Service. In the UK, all Emodo solutions are available from Mobsta, the UK’s foremost experts in location targeting and audience engagement.

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