Placecast is Now Emodo

Founded in 2005, Placecast was a San Francisco-based mobile marketing startup that specialized in location-based marketing and loyalty programs for global enterprises like Rogers Wireless, AT&T, Visa, and Discover. Over the years, Placecast strategically raised funding for its innovative products and services that disrupted the mobile marketing industry.

Among these products and services, Placecast received widespread attention for its Location Verification service, which used carrier data to ensure that advertisers were geotargeting the right audience segments and had helped brands optimize their mobile campaigns. Placecast’s ShopAlerts service also drew attention for its ability to target 92% of U.S. consumers with offers and promotions from retailers with geofencing.

In February 2018, Emodo’s parent company, Ericsson, acquired Placecast for its unique ability to leverage carrier-data for geolocation on a global scale. Placecast’s mobile data management platform (DMP) and Emodo’s programmatic mobile ad platform have since integrated to create a one-of-a-kind mobile data company powered by carrier intelligence. Emodo debuted in November 2017 as the ad tech subsidiary of Swedish networking and telecom company, Ericsson. While Emodo hosts roughly 2 billion user profiles from its various partnerships, it can now rely on Placecast’s DMP to verify this data.

So what does this mean for mobile marketing? The new, integrated Emodo platform allows advertisers and publishers to target audience segments and verify existing data assets with an unprecedented level of confidence in a historically inaccurate process.